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2018 Art Competition ALL MILITARY

"The Bugler" by Ernie Fournet

2018 ALL Military

Art Exhibition Prospectus

“We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”
― Winston Churchill

Contemporary Art Gallery Online is proud to announce their 1st Annual “ALL Military” Online Art Competition for 2018. 

Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience,education in the art field or where they may reside.  This is an international competition and everyone is encouraged to participate. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at the Contemporary Art Gallery Online.  This will be a continuous show for the fourth quarter of 2018.  

There is No Theme for this Current Art Exhibition..  The only qualification for this exhibition is you must have served or currently serve in the military.  Artists should submit their best representational and non-representational paintings or photographic and/or digital art.  

It is important to recognize the brave men and women who serve for their country.  As a result studies have shown that art expression is paramount in the fight to maintain one's self identity and heal from the trauma's witnessed while serving.  Art expression has assisted therapists with treating PTSD.  By working through PTSD with art, what was a terrifying experience that caused lots of symptoms can become a neutralized story from the past.  Art therapy uses creative mediums like drawing, painting, coloring, and sculpture. For PTSD recovery, art helps process traumatic events in a new away. Art provides an outlet when words fail. With a trained art therapist, every step of the therapy process involves art.

If your art is part of your therapy or not... we want to see your masterpieces.  There is no fee to enter.  This is a rolling exhibition and will be availble to see until January 1, 2019.

Your original art does not need to be available for sale.  

Participant Certificates will be given.  

Important MUST Knows 
Open for Entries:  September 1, 2018
Opening of Online Art Exhibition: October 1, 2018
Award Certificates Emailed to Artists: January 15, 2018
Online Art Exhibition Closes & Archived: December 31, 2018

Entry Fees:  There is no fee.


  • Must be original work to the artist.

  • The Artist must have served in the military or currently serves in the military.

  • The original artwork does not need to be available for sale. However; permission must be given to sale prints. All proceeds less printing and shipping will be sent to the artist.

  • All work must be available in both low resolution as well as high resolution form. For the purposes of this exhibition, low resolution files should be sent and not exceed 10 MB. High resolution files will be required for the Annual Anthology and any other print media for which your work may be selected.

Submitting Images:

Files should be titled in the following format: Artist's Name, Art Title, Medium Used, Size (H x W in inches), Price (in USD). 
EXAMPLE: JohnBrown_Midnight_Photography_8x10_75.
Image requirements for entries: JPG files (Please try to keep the file size under 10 MB to ensure proper uploading). 

All participants receive event collateral for their portfolios.

We Look Forward to Viewing Your Creations. 
We Send Our Best Wishes, 
CAGO Art Competition Committee